2022 Cape Charles Sailing

500 Marina Village Circle, Cape Charles, VA 23310

Phone: (252)339-1223

Junior Sailing Camp

Registration for 2023 sailing camp will open February 1, please use link below.

Dates for sailing camp tbd, below are general dates based off last year's season. 

Level 1 - This camp is perfect for those first learning how to sail or brushing up on their skills. 

June 5-10,  June 13-17July 11-15 

Level 2 - This camp is for sailors who have attended Level 1 sailing camp and want to advance their skills. The focus is on sail trim, racing skills, wind, weather, and safety. 

June 20-24, July 18-22

NEW! Level 3- Build on Level 2 knowledge with this camp. Sailors must have completed Level 1 and Level 2 to participate. This week will incorporate single-hand sailing, navigating, Bay sailing, and will include small and big boat sailing (weather permitting). 

June 27- July 1,  July 25-29

*highly recommended to attend 2 weeks (Level 1 and 2; or Level 1, 2, and 3) 

Notes about camp levels: It is suggested to participate in 2 weeks of camp, regardless of having participated in previous years' camps. It is a good refresher and always good practice to get out on the water. Level 1 builds basic knowledge of sailing, boat terms, and the basics of sailing on and off the dock. Level 2 builds on this knowledge in a “putting it all together” style, and Level 3 takes it up a notch where sailing will occur down the Creek or in the Bay. 

Please contact Hannah at  or (252)339-1223, if you are preparing to sign up for a Level 2 camp without having taken a Level 1 week of camp or Level 3 camp wihtout having taken 1 and 2. 


Sailing Classes

Weekly Adult Classes, June- July, Tuesdays 6-8pm- Learn the basics of sailing. From rigging to navigating with the wind; you will learn how to get from here to there. These classes build on each other, but your welcome to join in any of the classes.

Your first Tuesday night is on us!


Recommended to register for 4 weeks of training ($200 total) 

Private/Group Instruction

Group and private lessons available weekday or weekends, please inquire with number of students and date for cost and scheduling.

$160/ 2-hr lesson for 2 students, $40 additional hour/student

Within 48 hours, please call 252-339-1223