2024 Junior Sailing Camp


*highly encouraged to attend 2 weeks (Level 1 and 2, 2 and 3, or all three!) 

Level 1 - This camp is perfect for those beginners, first learning how to sail or brushing up on their skills.

June 10-14

July 8-12

Level 2 - Recommended to attend right after Level 1-This camp is for sailors who have attended Level 1 sailing camp and want to continue building their skills. The focus is on sail trim, racing skills, wind, weather, and safety. 

June 17-21

July 15-19

Level 3- Advanced camp - Sailors must have completed Level 2 to participate either this summer or previous summers. This week will incorporate single-hand sailing, Bay sailing, and will include small and big boat sailing (weather permitting). 

June 24-28

July 22-26

Regatta Race Development Day- Specifically, work on racing skills for upcoming regatta. Attend 1 or both days. Regatta is August 3rd! 

July 31 and August 1,  10am-12pm (Wind dependent)

Notes about camp levels: Level 1 builds basic knowledge of sailing, boat terms, and the basics of sailing on and off the dock. Level 2 builds on this knowledge in a “putting it all together” style, and Level 3 takes it up a notch where sailing will occur down the Creek or in the Bay.

***It is suggested to register for 2 weeks of sailing camp. Regardless of having participated in previous years' camps, it is a good refresher and always good practice to get out on the water.

Please contact Hannah at, if you are preparing to sign up for a Level 2 camp without having taken a Level 1 week of camp or Level 3 camp without having taken 1 and 2. 

Tall Ship One-Day Sailing Camp

2024 TBD 

9 am-2:30 pm 
Cost $350

Learn to sail and work as a team on a traditional sailing ship, the 47ft. Schooner Windsong from 1954. This camp is open to 5 students, and all spots need to be filled to operate. The campers are required to have completed Level 1 sailing camp with CCCS. Campers will need to pack a lunch.

All Level Adult Sailing Course


Tuesdays 5-7pm


Learn the basics of sailing. From rigging to navigating with the wind; you will learn how to get from here to there. 

Private/Group Instruction

Group and private lessons available weekday or weekends, please inquire with number of students and date for cost and scheduling.

Offering lessons June - October

Within 48 hours, please call 252-339-1223

Summer Regatta

Our annual end of the summer regatta in Kings Creek. The kids put all their sailing knowledge together for a race around the buoys. Viewing platforms will be available from C-Pier and Schooner Windsong. This is a free event and we encourage all family and friends to attend; you may even be able to get out on a sail.

**must attend Level 3 camp before skippering a boat in regatta

Practice your skills before the Regatta at the Racing Development Days are the Wednesday and Thursday prior to the Saturday regatta date.